Energy and the NECEC Corridor vs. Sustainable Communities

Sustainable Communities

Employment and sustainability go hand in hand. As marine harvest industries do, conservation translates to income for local residents. Maine government departments should continually plan on how to use conservation to provide jobs. Here are some problems I see, and legislative solutions I would seek.

Maine’s mountains can and should stay wild to provide wildlife habitat, protect water quality, and keep Maine citizens employed. From woodlands, forest products can be sustainably harvested., and recreational industry employment opportunities will diminish.
If elected I will work to enact the referendum question that will come before us that will give the legislature votes to prohibit high voltage transmission line construction including the NECEC. I will also support consumer owned utility legislation. NECEC Corridor will have no effect on climate change but to make it worse. Each Mainer will gain Just 37 cents a month in benefits from it’s construction It is only the first of many that will request permits to build. We do not need energy corridors, but should install community solar arrays instead, while piloting tidal energy generation(more below). I visualize using Finance Authority of Maine funds to construct a photovoltaic manufacturing plant and a hemp packaging production plant to build cells and packaging products to stop carbon emissions and give residents sustainable economy employment for years to come. There is land in our district 136 that is suitable.

Township 7 residents successfully withdrew by petition from Maine’s Expedited Wind Zone in 2015. They knew that if wind farms wanted to be installed, a community should have a right to decide whether to permit them, not some Agency in Augusta. Today, Schoodic Lake region residents regret that a wind farm will be permitted without their consent, and it keeps happening that way. Roof-mounted wind vanes are preferable. The 2010 Expedited Wind Energy Act should be repealed.

Protect Acadia National Park No Bar Harbor Port Authority

LD 1400 would have enabled a cargo port in Bar Harbor, that could have resulted in petroleum products being off and on loaded. That bill was vetoed by Governor LePage. In 2004 an LNG terminal was proposed for Gouldsboro, but was drowned out at a public hearing at the community center. Residents knew the damage that would have wrought to their livelihoods in the form of polluted water from the inevitable spills. Our waters in and around District 136 are ongoing targets for polluters including industrial acquaculture. Why not invest in conversion to renewable energy? A tidal generator production plant could be built here, producing units that could be installed in waters such as Sullivan Falls.

How to achieve Sustainable Communities!

Island Community Solar Microgrid

Here’s a good example of conversion out on Isle Au Haut that was published in Working Waterfront. Not everything falls into place at once, but the community support makes it happen eventually.

The Green Circle Above is an Illustration of the “Doughnut Economy” of Sustainable Communities

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